Question About Music Playing in a Business:

I play music in my business. Anything wrong with using an iPad playing the same music service I use personally at home and in the car?

Answer from Custom Channels:
  • Consumer music services aren’t designed or programmed to be played in businesses or for the public. Those services are created for individual use.
  • The consumer music service being used (in this case Spotify) isn’t licensed for business use. When any music is played in a store, restaurant, or other establishments, there are different music licensing rules and fees than when an individual person listens. Business owners have many local and national rules & regulations for operation they must comply with. Music licensing is one of those rules of operation.
  • There are likely to be songs that don’t sound appropriate at a business because they’re too slow, are depressing, have inappropriate lyrics, or are a live version different than the original.
  • The iPad will likely be used for other things than streaming music. That means the stream could easily be stopped by starting another function on the iPad.
  • A music mix could easily be changed by anyone working at the business. Since the music service controls on an iPad aren’t secure, employees could deviate and play their music choices.
  • The iPad is using a wi-fi connection. That’s far less reliable and stable than using an Ethernet connection to the internet. Wi-fi connections playing music have more cutouts and interruptions than reliable Ethernet connections.
  • If a business owner or employee takes the iPad out of the store, the store is without music. Plus, the iPad could get stolen since it’s a valuable and desirable consumer electronics item.
Solutions to Get the Best Music for Business:
  • Custom Channels music is designed and programmed for the public at businesses. The songs are curated and screened for fit, variety, less repetition, tempo, and clean lyrics.
  • Many consumer services can be modified to fit individual tastes. Likewise, Custom Channels music be tailored and shaped to fit a personal sound at a business with full capability to add and remove songs.
  • Custom Channels music is licensed for business. Royalties paid to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and GMR (SOCAN in Canada) on behalf of the business is part of the low monthly fee. It’s completely licensed and legal to keep the business compliant.
  • Custom Channels uses professional music players that are smaller than an iPad. These business-class players securely connect to the internet via Ethernet. There’s no wi-fi interruptions. There are no controls for employees to change songs or channels unless they’ve been given login access. And the music player is commercial grade. So, it’s not a highly desirable consumer device that’s useable for other things that can interfere with the music.

Don’t be a music amateur. Go pro. Play Custom Channels in your business.